Amy Peikoff on Freedom of Speech, Privacy and Big-Tech Threats to Parlor

Objectivist and privacy advocate, Amy Peikoff, has made several major media appearances discussing Freedom of Speech, Privacy, and Big-Tech Threats to Parlor.

Amy Peikoff on Tucker Carson: Google Banning Parler and Threats From Apple and Amazon

Professor of Philosophy and Law and Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff (@AmyPeikoff) discusses the ban of the fast-growing Twitter competitor, Parler – a free-speech social media platform that does not “data-mine” your personal information.


Amy Peikoff on Ben Shapiro: Free Speech Platform Parler “Singled Out” By Big-Tech

Amy Peikoff, CPO at Parler, joins the Ben Shapiro Show to discuss the free speech site being de-platformed by Apple, Amazon, and other big tech companies.


Amy Peikoff on Dana Loesch: Amazon and Big-Tech’s Combined Targeting of Parler

Dana Loesch talks with Parler’s CPO Amy Peikoff (@AmyPeikoff- Twitter and Parler) on Amazon shutting down Parler, what Amazon said to them, and when they did it.