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Objectivist Economist Richard Salsman Tackles The Egalitarian Envy Brigade

The leading Objectivist economist, “Saysean” Richard Salsman has an excellent article in Capitalism Magazine on why “Justice Demands That We Should Celebrate Diversity in Wealth Too“.

Writes Dr. Salsman:

In most realms of life today, diversity and variety are justifiably celebrated and respected. Differences in athletic and artistic talent, for example, entail not only robust, entertaining competitions, but fanatics (“fans”) who respect, applaud, award, and handsomely compensate the winners (“stars” and “champions”) while also depriving (at least relatively) the losers.

Yet the realm of economics — of markets and commerce, business and finance, income and wealth — elicits a near-opposite response, even though it’s not, like sporting matches, a zero-sum game. In the economic realm, we observe differential talents and outcomes unequally compensated (as we should expect), but for many people, diversity and variety in this realm are disdained and envied, with predictable results: a perpetual redistribution of income and wealth by punitive taxation, stiff regulation, and periodic trust-busting. Here winners are more suspected than respected, while losers receive sympathies and subsidies.

What accounts for this rather odd anomaly?

Read the rest of Justice Demands That We Should Celebrate Diversity in Wealth Too.

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