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In Praise of the Businessman

Writes Yaron Brook on What We Owe Steve Jobs:

If dedicating your life to creating the values that advance it is a
moral achievement, then there is nothing greater or nobler than the
creative geniuses whose productive ability has created our modern world:
a world where we live more than three times as long as our ancestors;
where our homes are heated in the winter, cooled in the summer, and lit
at night; where we can travel across a continent in a matter of hours;
where we can say goodnight to our children from the other side of the

But far from holding up the great producers as moral exemplars, we lump them in with the Al Capones and the Bernie Madoffs as people who must be stopped or at least shackled until they learn to selflessly serve others. Even Jobs was criticized because he devoted his life to Apple rather than philanthropy.

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