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The Nature and Source of Individual Rights

 The ARC site has three essays by Ayn Rand that every defender of capitalism in the 21st century should read and study:

“Man’s Rights” by Ayn Rand
This essay explains the fundamental nature of rights, the facts of reality that give rise to them, and what in essence they mean (and don’t mean) in practice.

“Collectivized ‘Rights’” by Ayn Rand
This essay shows why rights apply only to individuals, not to groups or collectives of people, and why acceptance of the notion of group “rights” necessarily leads to the violation of individual rights.

“The Nature of Government” by Ayn Rand
What a government is, why government is necessary to a civilized society, and why a proper government must be constitutionally limited to the function of protecting, not violating, the rights of the individual.

If you have never read them before — enjoy!

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